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Our activities are aimed at promoting the achievement of de facto equality of women and men, the elimination of discrimination based on sex, the implementation of social programs to prevent gender-based violence, domestic violence, discrimination in the workplace, and sexual harassment. We believe that gender equality is beneficial for women and men, as well as for the state, which must ensure such equality.
At the same time, gender is a special factor of vulnerability specifically for women, limiting their rights, opportunities and access to resources in various spheres of life. De jure equality does not mean de facto equality. In carrying out our mission, we advocate the state to fulfill its obligations, and also offer specific assistance and protection to women whose rights have been violated.

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Who are we

The international public association "Gender Perspectives" was created in 2010 in Belarus by an initiative group of women. The most important achievement that we are proud of is the trust of our clients, whose rights are violated in the areas described above. This is evidenced by the annual growth of requests for help, the interest of the media in our activities, as well as the recognition of the state, the international community and other NGOs.

"Gender Perspectives" is a self-developing organization that seeks to respect human rights both in society and within the organization. Our program activities are implemented taking into account democratic principles, feminist values ​​and international human rights standards. International recognition and representation in international networks allows us to broadcast successful international experience and best practices for their implementation in Belarus, and also strengthens the collective voice of the European and world women's movement. For example, in 2006 the La Strada Belarus Program as the most successful project to prevent human trafficking among non-governmental organizations in Eastern Europe was awarded a special prize by the German Committee of the United Nations Development Fund for Women UNIFEM.

"Gender Perspectives" is a member of the following networks:
  • European Network for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in Central and Eastern Europe "La Strada", International Association "La Strada" (Netherlands), 
  • WAVE - European Network "Women Against Violence in Europe" (Austria), 
  • National NGO Network for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (Belarus),
  •  National Gender Platform (Belarus), 
  • International Strategic Gender Platform (Ukraine).

What we do 

In the field of domestic violence prevention, IPA Gender Perspectives  provides assistance to victims of women and men, trains specialists from state, public and international organizations, advocates for the adoption in Belarus of a specialized Law on Countering Domestic Violence and improvement of law enforcement practice, and also influences public opinion through cooperation with the media.

IPA Gender Perspectives has been working in the field of combating gender inequality for several years. In addition to helping victims of domestic violence, the organization's experts are engaged in lobbying Belarusian legislation, interdepartmental interaction and promotion of ideas of gender equality, organizing and conducting various events, trainings and seminars on gender.


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What can we do?

Our programs

We are implementing a number of social programs to prevent domestic violence, eliminate discrimination in the workplace and achieve gender equality in society.
Discrimination and Inequality in the Labor Market

Discrimination and Inequality in the Labor Market

The goal of the program is to draw attention to the problem of gender discrimination in the labor market. The project focuses on both those who are faced with the problem of gender inequality in the labor sphere, and people who make decisions about hiring: employers, recruitment agencies.
Domestic violence

Domestic violence

We administer a nationwide hotline for victims of domestic violence 8-801-100-8-801, provide assistance to victims of women and men, carry out preventive work: we train specialists, advocate the adoption of specialized legislation in Belarus.
Men’s Anonymous Consulting Service

Men’s Anonymous Consulting Service

The main goals of the project are to help improve the quality of life of men and young people through overcoming harmful gender stereotypes and developing skills of self-preservation behavior. Within the framework of the project, the first in Belarus Men's Anonymous Consulting Service was launched.