The national domestic violence hotline 8-801-100-8-801 run by the International public association (IPA) Gender Perspectives has so far received 13 874 calls (as of April 1, 2020).

The much demanded service began its work on August 13, 2012. Today the hotline provides mental health counseling, legal counsel, social and informational support via telephone every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

The hotline serves mostly domestic violence survivors (80%), as well as their relatives and friends (18%). The victims are predominantly female (94%) and 6% are men (mostly elderly who are abused by their adult children).

Domestic violence perpetrators are male in 88% of cases according to the hotline data. The major percentage of domestic violence survivors fall between the age of 27 to 40 years old - 42%, are married or in a relationship (48%), have either 1 or 2 children (81%) and experience abuse from their spouse (50%), an intimate partner (6%) or a former spouse (15%).

20% of domestic violence survivors are people aged 60 and older. The domestic violence hotline data shows that most elderly callers experience abuse from their adult sons (13% of perpetrators in accumulated data relates to adult sons) and their daughters (4%).

38% of the calls to the hotline come from Minsk, 13% - from the Minsk region. Most often the callers report emotional abuse - 93%, physical - 65%, financial - 40% and sexual - 4%. It is worth noting that in 36% of the reported cases minor children also experience abuse.

Almost 30% of domestic violence perpetrators, according to the callers’ testimonies, have had administrative measures taken against them by the militia. However, these measures have had no restrictive effect on their behaviour, and they continued to abuse, while their victims as a result of such abuse had to seek assistance elsewhere, including various service-providing agencies.

33% of domestic violence hotline callers received legal counsel, 58% - emotional support. Social and informational counseling was provided to 91% of all callers, and 71% of clients were referred to the state and non-government stakeholders for direct services provided in domestic abuse situations.

In November 2019 the IPA Gender Perspectives website and the messenger Telegram opened access to a chatbot, a new service for domestic violence survivors, witnesses of this crime and the professionals working on domestic violence prevention, which allows to receive vital information concerning mental health counseling, legal counsel, and social support. It is called “Help for domestic violence survivors” (@HelpHotlineBot). The chatbot contains the addresses and telephone numbers for organizations working in the field of domestic violence prevention in Belarus, timely provides information on options for seeking various kinds of assistance, including emergency contacts, searches for a shelter or a crisis center. 3 537 people have used chatbot since it was launched on November 29, 2019 (as of April 1, 2020).

IPA Gender Perspectives effectively cooperates with other stakeholders to address the problem of domestic violence including the Ministry of Interior, Health, and Education, as well as various nonprofits and religious organizations. It regularly works with mass media. There were more than 1356 articles featuring Gender Perspectives employees discussing the issues of domestic violence published by the mass media outlets in the period from August 13, 2012 to December 31, 2019.