19 August 2020

IPA "Gender Perspectives" suspends joint activities with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus in the field of preventing domestic violence

The International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” is informing the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus of its decision to suspend the institutional cooperation and joint activities in the area of domestic violence prevention for an indefinite time period.

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13 August 2020

IPA “Gender Perspectives” Statement: Stop violence against Belarusians!

The International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” is celebrating this week two very important anniversaries in our history - 10 years since our organization was founded and 8 years of the national domestic violence hotline operation. We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us for the past 10 years and contributed to violence-free life in Belarus.

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15 May 2020

WAVE Policy Statement on COVID-19 and Violence against Women and Girls

WAVE Network report that since the outbreak of COVID-19, reports of violence against women, and particularly domestic violence, have increased dramatically in several countries. The crisis has a disproportionate impact on women that are particularly vulnerable to the negative social and economic impact of the crisis, including women of colour, migrant and refugee women, Roma women, and LGBTQ+ persons, as well as women of poor and working-class background.

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09 April 2020

Antonio Guterres: "Put women and girls at the centre of efforts to recover from COVID-19"

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres launches new report spotlighting the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on women and girls. The COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone, everywhere. But it affects different groups of people differently, deepening existing inequalities. Early data indicates that the mortality rates from COVID-19 may be higher for men. But the pandemic is having devastating social and economic consequences for women and girls.

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31 March 2020

La Strada International Statement on Coronavirus: The impact of COVID-19 on the protection of rights of trafficked and exploited persons

The current Corona Virus (COVID-19) crisis is affecting all our countries and societies with most European States taking restrictive measures to prevent the wide spreading of COVID-19 and mitigate the health risks for the population. While this affects everybody, the new situation has a particularly negative impact on marginalized communities, including thousands of migrants that work in Europe in low paid and exploitative jobs, supporting European countries to plug their labour shortfalls.

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20 January 2020

International Project on Improving the Quality of Life for Men and Young People Launches in Belarus

Gender issues first came to prominence when looking for ways to protect women’s rights and ensure legal and de-facto equality between women and men. Modern Belarusian society dictates that both women and men should adhere to rigid gender roles and their lives are limited by existing stereotypes.

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28 November 2019

National Domestic Violence Hotline Launches a New Service

The national domestic violence hotline 8-801-100-8-801 launches a new service - a chat bot for survivors of domestic violence and possible witnesses of abuse. The service is an option to receive vital information on access to mental health, legal and social services.

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25 November 2019

National Domestic Violence Hotline Office Hosts Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs

On November 25, 2019 the Office of the International Public Association “Gender Perspectives”, which is home to the national domestic violence hotline 8-801-100-8-801, hosted the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Ms. Ann Linde. 

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01 November 2019

Member States and gender advocates call for urgent and effective measures to accelerate gender equality

From young gender equality advocates to high-ranking government officials, key stakeholders from North America, Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia called for the urgent realization of women’s and girl’s human rights and for turning the commitments to gender equality into reality.

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18 October 2019

La Strada NGO platform calls on governments to improve access to justice for victims of crime and to ensure that victims have access to protection, assistance and compensation

On the occasion of European Day against Trafficking in Persons, the La Strada NGO platform calls on governments to improve access to justice for victims of crime and to ensure that victims have access to protection, assistance and compensation. Compensation and recovery of unpaid wages are crucial aspects of access to justice for victims of crime.

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