24 January 2019

Аt the end of December 2018 WAVE published the 29th issue of its annual Fempower magazine. The topic of the latest issue is "Good practices for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention".

A number of articles have been submitted by contributors from countries within and outside of the EU, giving an insight into the process of implementing the Istanbul Convention, challenges encountered along the way, achievements made and existing gaps. It is important to share knowledge and experiences between countries on matters related to women’s rights and combatting violence against women through the Fempower magazine.

Download it here: Fempower 2018

The WAVE Network, established in 1994 as an informal network, is a legal entity since 2014 and a formal network NGO composed of European women’s NGOs working in the field of combating violence against women and children. The WAVE Network aims to promote and strengthen the human rights of women and children in general and to prevent violence against women and children in particular. It aims at establishing gender equality by eliminating all forms of violence against women. WAVE is the only European network focusing solely on the elimination of violence against women and children. WAVE adheres to the aims of the United Nations, stressing the importance of working towards ending all forms of violence against women and children in public and private life in accordance with the Vienna Declaration, the Declaration on Violence against Women, the Beijing Platform for Action and all other related documents.

The network comprises women’s organisations combating violence against women and children in Europe. This includes over 140 Members (Network organizations, Single organizations and individual members) supported by WAVE, which work on the national level in 46 European countries. Members serve as a source of information about violence against women and children in their respective countries, facilitating the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information throughout Europe. Many members participate in WAVE activities and projects, including the annual WAVE Conference, by serving as expert sources of primary information for their countries in the field of violence against women.