15 April 2013

The level of intention to work abroad among Belarusians is rather high nowadays. According to the data of the newest public poll opinion, conducted for IPA “Gender perspectivesLa Strada Belarus Programme in 2012, around 3% of population work abroad annually, and  around 16% of those wanted to work abroad.

lastrada usa a4Nevertheless, there are numerous breaches of rights, facts of fraud and labour exploitation, suffered by Belarusian labour migrants abroad. And many sad stories would never come true, if Belarusian migrants possess more information and details about employment procedures abroad, rules how to act in crisis situations, whom to address in the emergency case, but especially – get all the vitally needed information before they leave. And that is why potential migrants – those who are searching for employment or marriage abroad - are the main target group of the campaign “Ask before you travel! Bright and attractive banners were elaborated by the artist in 4 common migration scenarios for Belarusians.

La Strada Belarus initiative was supported by the “Nominal Technologies, one of the leading companies among Belarusian technical centers of marketing promotion in Internet.  Campaign “Ask before you travel! customized for targeted requests of users of searching systems, who are looking for information about employment abroad or plan to marriage a foreigner.