15 May 2013

Press-conference on the outcomes of the research "Characteristics of labour migration from Belarus to Poland: legal, socio-economical, and gender aspects" held by IPA “Gender perspectivesLa Strada Belarus programme was commenced on the 15th of May at the National press-center.

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The research was aimed at analysis of migration behavior of Belarusian citizens setting out to Poland for employment on the all stages of migration process.

According to the research minimum 3,2% of Belarusian population worked abroad in 2012.
Since 2007 the quantity of citizens going abroad for employment increased in 4 times. The level of intention to work abroad doubled since 2006. Main reasons are economical: wish to earn money for house, car, and personal financial difficulties. Most popular countries for employment abroad for Belarusian citizens in 2012 were Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and the USA.

Poland has attractive image for Belarusian citizens mainly due to the following factors: geographical and cultural proximity, developed economy and possibilities to earn, simplified employment schemes for Belarusian citizens, and possibility for combining work and education in the European country. Polish labour market is rather open for Belarusian citizens, however at the same time gender-segregated: men occupy well-paid spheres of construction, logistics and IT, women – seasonal works, catering and restaurants, small commerce, sewing.

Some more 15% of those interviewed migrants entered Poland for employment without valid work permit or other relevant grounds, however later they undertook measures for legalization. Most significant breach of labour right of belarussian migrants is non-payment for work, that is mostly real when comes to oral agreements. Migrants also noted that they come across such social problems as language barrier, difficulties in renting premises, and in administrative procedures. Quarter of migrants noted the existing negative attitude towards foreign workers.